Burial Plan Rules

  1. The membership is open to all Muslims. There be a waiting period of three months for the new members from the date of acceptance of their application to the date they are entitled to the benefits. All membership applications must be accompanied by a letter from the family doctor certifying a clean bill of health for the applicants.
  2. The membership must be renewed during the month of January of every calendar year, irrespective of when it was initially purchased. All outstanding subscriptions on the 31st of January will expire and the initiation fee must be repaid.
  3. The annual subscriptions of $200 plus an initiation fee of $200 per family. The subscription per individual 18 years to 65 years is $100 plus the initiation fee of $100. The family subscription covers husband, wife and children under the age of 18 years.
  4. If any member of the family is between the ages of 66-70 then the subscription fee will be $400 plus an initiation fee of $400. Individual membership fee for members over 66-70 will be $200 plus $200 initiation.
  5. If the death occurs within one calendar year of the enrolment there will be a charge of $4,000 towards the funeral expenses, such charges will be reduced by a $1,000 each year i.e. $3,000 in the second year, $2,000 in the third and $1,000 in the fourth year.
  6. The family to provide volunteers, relatives, friends to assist in gusul and kafan rites as well as during the burial ceremony.
  7. Any body being transported from outside the prescribed limit of Metropolitan Toronto will be subjected to excess transportation costs not covered by this policy. Such amounts will be payable by the family of the deceased.
  8. The burial plots are provided only at the Janath Wadi-Al-Salam, located at 10992 Kennedy Road, Markham, on the basis of the next available position, plots and any prior reservation by any individual and group is not available.
  9. Standard coffin and kaffan will be provided under the policy. The heirs may use their own kaffa, if they so desire.
  10. Janath Wadi-Al-Salam can handle only non-contagious and normal deaths. According to Federal and Provincial (Ontario government) regulations all other categories must be dealt with by certified undertakers and their service charges are not covered by the plan.
  11. The gusul, kaffan, burial and all the rites will be performed in accordance with Jafferi school of thought as soon as possible, but we are not responsible for any unforeseen delays outside the control of Janath Wadi-Al-Salam.
  12. (Under the income tax laws subscriptions are not eligible as deductions, but any donations towards the maintenance of the cemetery are tax deductible and will be highly appreciated.
  13. Each member must pay the amount of $1,300 payable to Al Hussain Foundation prior to the burial to cover the cost of the marker and building the grave and its maintenance.
  14. All graves and markers are identical.